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March 05, 2007



I think the SnB calendar is much better. There's not as many patterns, but there's lots of fun knitterly facts.


Oh, LORDY - is that calendar not just CRAP?! I can see why there were six copies on the 75% off table at Borders a couple of weeks ago.

On another note - that fair isle is GORGEOUS. Shorted out my keyboard with the drool, I did.


I have that calendar as well, it really is horrific, isn't it?


I bought that calendar last year and didn't like any of the patterns!! This year I went with the Stitch n Bitch calendar and that one is entertaining, at least!


heh. on my desk, it is still the day of the 'block of the month' (that was what, 4 days ago?). I went to change the day and got scared by Goldilocks. hmmm... I wonder if enough days have passed that there's something worthwhile to stare at for the next week...


You have knit some lovely things. I found your blog in searching for information on knitting HF's Diva. Did you finish yours? On what needles did you get gauge?

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