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March 07, 2007



I wasn't wild about the STR medium weight either - it's pretty stiff to knit with. However, once it was finished and soaked, the socks themselves were wonderful - although a little thick. Since then I've stuck to the lightweight. You should e-mail her and see if she'll switch you out for the lighter weight yarn.


I haven't used the medium-weight. I do have skein of Farmhouse in the lightweight, and I am glad to hear you are enjoying it. My husband picked it out for socks for himself!

And your finished socks do indeed look great.


I've heard that that after the STR is washed, it gets softer and becomes a very nice fabric. The color is gorgeous!

Valerie in San Diego

Love the Conwys! Everyone's seem to look better than they do in the book. I guess I'm going to have to try them.


I am surprised that you are not enjoying the STR better. I have only knit with the lightweight and it was super soft. The resulting socks were a little too big, but that was my own fault.

The yarn that I don't get is Opal. That stuff is very stiff and I did not like it at all


We have some sort of weird sock synchronicity going on. I just pulled out a skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Watercolor (which is very close in color to Tuscany) to finish my pair of Conwy socks.


Very cute socks! She is going to love them.


I am working with STR's Little Bunny Foo Foo in the lightweight. I like the lightweight better than the medium weight, which I used on the STR Club socks called Inside Outs. They are a bit thick for most of my shoes.

And I need to make the Conwy socks...yours look great!


I agree - Conwy is the best sock pattern ever.


Hey, we were just talking about you at knitting group at Borealis last night. I hope you're doing okay and still knitting. I especially hope you guys weren't affected by the bridge collapse today.

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