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November 05, 2006



Great job on the pea pod sweater. Nice color too.

Hope your back feels better soon.


What about Lucie? Has she gone by the wayside?


I would say that sweater is something that went very very well :)


What a sweet little sweater! I love the color.

Itching to knit something Christmasy, huh? What are you thinking of?


The sweater looks great! Congrats on another lovely garment.

Which of the X-Men movie is your favorite? I think II is mine.


Sorry you had a bad week. You should, however, be congratulating yourself on the pea pod sweater - it's absolutely adorable!

Valerie in San Diego

Love your Pea Pod! It's fun to see all the different colors folks use.


Pea Pod looks great. I'm working on it right now for a friend. I've actually been having touble with the leaves. I hope I have managed to sort it all out.


I love that sweater! It's super cute!

Very nice job. :)


Your Pea Pod Sweater is really a beauty.


What a great sweater. You defiantely find great baby patterns.


Pea Pod is adorable! Quick knit as well. Are you looking for lots of quick knits for Christmas or one big "Hurrah" knit? And you have a knitting room? I design and I don't have a knitting room! Envy, envy.


The sweater looks cute! I hate when the yarn requirements are off...grrr!

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