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October 18, 2006



I've been a little out of control lately. I just got some STR yarn in the color "Hot Flash", some Opal from eBay, and more sock yarn as well as books from Knit Picks.


I totally forgot aboutr my KP order..yeah, I got some of that too. When my camera works again, I'll show proof!


That's really cool about the scrapbook - some of us knew ourselves pretty well even as kids, huh? It's funny how you can grow up but still feel like the same person on the inside.


I love the two STR colorways!

Happy Birthday by the way. I liked being 26...


Happy Birthday! I had one of those crisis not to long ago. They seem to pop up every once in a while. The sheep dress is so cute. I may have to make one!

limedragon :-: Harriet

I look forward to seeing how the STR looks... I Have Highway 30 which is similar to Dutch Canyon, but probably dramatically different. Your SKP is looking good. : )

Valerie in San Diego

Wow, that time capsule letter is the coolest. I wish I'd thought to do that as a kid! Maybe I'll suggest it to my best friend as an activity for her kids. Definitely knit up the Pea Pod... I can testify that it is a fun knit with a great result!


Happy belated birthday!


Happy belated birthday October Girl! Your entry about your letter made me laugh. At 9 I was teaching all the neighborhood kids to knit, whether they wanted to or not! It really is funny how at such a young age we already know what is important to us - whether we wanted to or not! LOL


Hi Renada! I'm not sure if you will remember me, but I was that witty, charming fellow who was in a knitting class with you a couple years ago at Needlework Unlimited. It was nice to find your blog! If you ever feel like meeting for coffee and knitting, just let me know.

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