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July 27, 2006



Your Tennis sweater is coming along very well.

One of these days, I'll learn to knit continental--especially for two color knitting, but right now, I'm happy with the way I knit, and that's the best way.


Good grief, I can't believe people are still having that argument. But I guess people are always going on about "their" way being the best. Sorry you had to be there. And now I'm really sorry that our Tuesday NIGHT Knitting in Champlin hasn't taken off. It's not in your neighborhood, but it could have been an escape once in a while.
Cathy Kelley


Tennis sweater is looking quite lovely.

I think the arguement over English vs. Continental is so lame! I'm a thrower too, and I figure, whatever makes the stitches, and if the knitter's happy, who cares!

I'm sending healing vibes to your associate. How scary for her.

limedragon :-: Harriet

The Tennis Sweater looks fabulous; I love the colors you are using. : ) That MNDot yarn, I want some.

Bummer on the Alice Starmore auction. Have you ever tried eSnipe or Vrane?

RE: English/Continental... Didn't the Harlot recently mention in her blog about how the fastest knitter in North America is an English-style knitter?

Liz M.

Hey, glad to see your site! I love to read about other knitters that knit both ways, and anyway. I taught myself, why? Knitting about 5-7 hours a day. Anyhow, welcome, and I'll be bookmarking you as a fav...

Jennifer R

You're tennis sweater looks great. My preferred style if continental, but knit both ways. I think it is pretty interesting to see the how other people knit. I am getting worse at English style though - because of puckering problems in fair isle knitting with one color in each hand, I've begun using two colors in my left hand. Puckering went away! My thinking is "do whatever works"!

You're photos and posts about socks got me inspired. I've got to get back to my sock now!


Your sweater is looking great. I also like the new look of your blog.


Did I already tell you how much I LOVE the colors you chose for that tennis sweater? I think I did. And I do.

I'm a thrower, and I go like mad. I'll race anyone.

How did you like Playing With Yarn? Have you been there before? I just made my first trip this June--it is refreshing, I think, compared to some yarn shops, because it is so laid back. I would have liked a bit more organization, but that may be because I didn't have all kinds of time, and I was kind of hungry when I went there. Not good! ;-)


Your sweater is looking wonderful! I love the colors :)


The sweater is gorgeous! Who cares how you knit as long as you enjoy it? I don't get it.

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