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July 11, 2006



I love the tennis sweater!! I can also relate to the, "must continue to knit this now" feeling.

Hmmm, new blog fodder... Well, a couple of posts ago, I talked about some indie online shops, and then I linked to the owners blog, all of whom I follow. There may be some new ones for you.


Maybe I used the wrong phrase..I'm looking for new knitting blogs to discover. Okay, talk amongst yourselves...


I LOVE the colors that you chose for the sweater!! Fantastic!!!

There are so many patterns in that VK--it is one of their best issues. I have made two of them so far--The Life Aquatic hooded pull-over (with the lace panel) and the seed stitch tank (the neon green one modeled by the same blonde wearing the tennis sweater). My copy of that VK is worn out...I'm still going to make that sleeveless tunic thing (the sort of orange one towards the front).

Valerie in San Diego

"It's just a swatch." Heh heh. I've said THAT before... and I know where it leads!

I like my blog (heh), and also WeavingInn.blogspot.com, saunshine.blogspot.com (that's not a typo), er.. about ten million others but my mind goes blank...


Thanks for the new knitting podcast links!


I love the color you chose for that sweater. It is gorgeous, and you are right, the stiches are popping.


The sweater is beautiful! I too am trying to branch out. I found you on the MN knitters webring. Great blog.


The tennis sweater is great - and I love the nod to preppydom with the hot pink accent stripes!

Woman - you need to get a new picture up of you (you know, the "about me" picture or whatever it's called) - one with your sassy new haircut!!


I found you on MN knitters too! My new faves are http://sockpr0n.blogspot.com/
and http://knitandtonic.typepad.com/knitandtonic/

I think it would be great to have a MN podcast. I love "It's a Purl Man!" If you like him you might also like "Knitty D and the City."


Another Fair Isle knitter! Cool!

Love the colours of your Debbie Bliss sweater (yummy green)!

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