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May 22, 2006



I was just thinking about you last night. I was wondering how your road trip had gone, because we had just returned from a little trip to Omaha (woo hoo). Can't wait to see you next Tuesday!


We haven't forgotten about you, silly. I was afraid you'd forgotten about us!


The socks look great, and what a wonderful package from your sock pal. I really need to knit up some socks.


Of course we haven't forgotten about you! I was thinking of emailing you to see if all was well. I'm glad it is! What fun socks from your sockpal, and lovely socks for your sockpal. I'm sure she will forgive you. :) Glad you received and enjoy the markers!


Oh my, those look wonderful. And they are for me!

What fun to see these on the screen and know they are headed my way!


They came in today's mail! Thanks so much, Renada--they are really lovely (love the patterning on the back), and fit me nicely. And wow--what great bribes! I've always wanted to try the Bearfoot yarn, and now's my chance!

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