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May 01, 2006



It is really beautiful in the Detroit Lakes area. We used to camp around there and I think the is a Country Music Fest during the summer. What do you get to do there?


Oh honey... you are too much. Go on... you can tell us the truth... that fridge is empty and the commercials are so funny 'cause you finished all the little bottles that were in there, right? ;) And hey, how are those last minute socks coming?


Sounds lovely, can't remember the last time I saw a lake.


OK, I know that this post is old, and all, BUT...

I used to work in Fargo, ND, and went to school in Moorhead, MN, so, YES, I have spent some time in the great boony destination of Detroit Lakes! Soooo funny to see you post about it! ;-)

I once went out with a guy from DL (yeah, that is what we called it, "DL").

I'm kind of surprised that you saw any black people. The country music thing is called WE Fest. It is basically just a party with much beer served, and the occasional concert. Fun.

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