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April 12, 2006


limedragon :-: Harriet

I love the colors of the P-word socks.. what yarn are you using?

Your progress on Diva looks great and I love the colors too. It's one of my HF favorites, yum. : )


I have to give those P-Socks a try someday. I recently got some Socks that Rock yarn that would be good for it.

Beth S.

That Diva sweater is going to be beyond fabulous. Sigh! :-)

Thanks for the history lesson, too! Do you eat the egg, parsley, etc, or are they just there as symbols and objects of contemplation?


Oh, I forgot that part, thaanks for jogging my memory Beth. During the Seder, you eat some of the horseradish, bitter herbs, and the apples. The egg is baked in an 500 degree oven..no we don't eat that...and the lamb shank is just for symbolism too.


I've taught about the Seder meal before, and it sounds like you did fine. I'm not Jewish though, so I could be missing something.

P-word socks are coming along nicely! It does look like a complex pattern.


One year we had Seder with Smith's cousins. Another cousin and I bought bread in a local bakery and would sneak out to the car (the bread was in the trunk) and have a snack and chat every evening.


I can't wait to see the finished Diva. It's lovely!

Have a lovely Maundy Thursday.

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